Your Business is Our Business

When it comes to your vision, you know that business finances are an essential part of the plan. But unlike your natural aptitude for leading the bigger picture, when it comes to managing your money you may have some blind spots. Don’t worry, we will show you how and where to focus financially.


When cash flow is in a crunch we are here to alleviate the pressure

From buying a piece of equipment, to hiring more team members, deciding what gets paid when, or wanting to make a major personal purchase like buying a house, you are going to have to make some tough choices that only get tougher when you do not have a complete picture or accurate data.

When you are ready to seek an investor, line of credit or loan, your books have an important story to tell. Fritz Financial Solutions is the one you want in your corner to close the deal.

When you are a sales machine and raking in the revenue, but constantly feeling broke, we have seen it before. We bring clarity to chaos and transparency to your finances.

There is no need to get overwhelmed or frustrated, we are here to support with insight, not judgment.

Are you ready to improve the financial performance of your business with our quality guidance?

Finding, building and implementing your right solution.

From pinpointing profitability to designing, developing and implementing effective systems and procedures that prepare your team for success, Fritz Financial has your solution. Our clients build financial transparency to track real-time progress and make smarter decisions.

  • We provide high-value and comprehensive accounting and consulting services, enabling our clients to increase profitability;
  • We create a sense of financial safety for our clients by developing and streamlining financial processes and systems;
  • We develop long-term partnerships with clients and employees, empowering them to achieve their financial goals and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Our first solution: A Diagnostic

We work closely with each client to provide services tailored to both their unique needs and future goals. In the same way that doctors run tests before operating on a patient, we must diagnose the current state of a business’s financial picture before suggesting a strategy.

Let Fritz Financial Solutions conduct an extensive diagnostic to identify ways to streamline your processes, provide high-level business intelligence and save your business time and money.

Our comprehensive QuickBooks diagnostic and strategy consultation covers the following:

  • Review Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, A/P and A/R
  • Review chart of accounts, balances and reconciliations
  • Identify areas for improvement and efficiency
  • Report on the status of file and next steps to deliver accurate and insightful financial reports
  • Review and audit current systems
  • Analyze needs and assess current financial processes
  • Propose processes for bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Report recommendations and customized formatting based on what you need to best manage your business

If you are ready and willing to address the day-to-day financial needs of a professionally run organization, let us get to work.

We build relationships, not just businesses.

Communication is key. That is why Fritz Financial Solutions works closely and collaboratively with you as a partner, not just as a vendor. This approach has enabled us to form trusted relationships with our clients. Openness is crucial to your financial success. Be prepared to comb through every nook and cranny of your finances. Our guidance through these steps will help you create the financial picture of your dreams.

Additional Services:

  • Accounts payable/vendor management
  • Financial management consulting
  • Customer invoicing/collections
  • Project costing
  • Full-cycle accounting