About Us

Launched in 2016, Fritz Financial Solutions is a certified Women Owned Business, successfully empowering over 100 business owners in taking their businesses to the next level as it relates to their finances.

Our Mission: Empowering entrepreneurs to realize their full business potential.

Beyond supporting your day-to-day finances, we provide meticulous analysis and expert guidance so business owners can focus on growing their businesses. From organizing your books to setting up smarter accounting and reporting processes, we partner as an extension of your team.

We will help you see what is actually happening with your money so that you are empowered to make better financial decisions to grow your business.

Meet the Owner

For over 20 years, Daliah Fritz has been a go-to source for accounting and financial organization. After years of building experience in finance, sales, operations, and inventory management, Daliah has seen some of the savviest of business owners losing money through poor financial management, and made it her mission to turn it around.

As the owner of Fritz Financial Solutions, she focuses on one thing ensuring her clients have the right financial tools to grow their business.

Meet the team

Joy Mikaela Mercado

Joy Mikaela Mercado

Staff Accountant

Danielle Spring

Danielle Spring

Operations Manager

Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Staff Accountant

Meet Our Partners

TOA Global

We partner with TOA Global, a talent solutions provider for the accounting industry located in Clark, Philippines. Our talented Filipina team members work tirelessly to deliver solutions to our clients and come with a plethora of experience. We, and our clients, continue to be impressed with their incredible work and dedication.


Our partnership with FinQuan, an emerging business process outsourcing provider, has enhanced our ability to connect with a team of skilled and experienced accounting professionals. Their commitment to our success has allowed us to continue to deliver superior services to our clients. We are proud to provide new opportunities and partner with this dedicated team in New Delhi, India.

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The Fritz Financial Approach

Without financial accountability, not even the best business idea can flourish and become profitable. Our proven solutions are based on extensive financial management and business experience. We focus on creating systems and processes that enable owners like you to spend more time on their business and less time in their business. Achieving full financial transparency makes it possible.

Starting with your essential spending goals across operations, marketing, employees, supplies, software and cost of goods sold, we set up the systems allowing you to manage by the numbers and put your checks in balance. This holistic approach enables you to not only see where your money is going, but it also empowers decisions that scale your business.

What We Stand For

Setting, meeting and exceeding your expectations creates trust and transparency. Here is what you can expect from us.

Diverse & Dependable

Proudly female-founded.
Daliah Fritz built this business to empower other leaders with the knowledge she has gained first-hand over 20 years. Highly responsive and perseverant, these two traits build our culture and are the foundation for every client relationship.

Expert Guides

15+ years of experience.
Seasoned in financial stewardship, we have helped close to 100 companies build efficient financial solutions across industries. From a better understanding of inventory to monthly spending, whether you sell products or services, our clients now focus on growth instead of getting lost in the details.

Principled Problem-Solvers

Straight-forward solutions.
We make informed decisions based on the data. When your systems and platforms are in order every choice becomes easier. We hold ourselves and our clients to high ethical standards and maintaining accurate data is what empowers growth.

Meticulous Analysts

We live and breathe numbers.
From customized reports and review systems that check for false liabilities to detailed income and expense reviews and vendor re-classification, for us it is all about quality data. Our exacting standards mean we never compromise when it comes to crunching your calculations.

Reliably Results-Oriented

Creating consistency across systems.
We start every client engagement with the nuts and bolts required for financial success. From the right dates for 401k contributions, payroll, insurance, financial statements and managing cash flow, are just a few of the many details that need to be designed for results. Once we get you set, you are able to interpret, evaluate and make the right decisions for growth.